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ten's mind works in mysterious and truly frightening ways
keeping it simple for the masses
the new, the random 
19th-Aug-2010 03:14 pm - So much for updating more often.
I would blame the extreme exhaustion, but I have really had nothing major to share.

Until now.

First off, woo hoo! I know what I am going to write for NaNoWriMo! Kind of, maybe. There is a loooot of planning I need to do before I attempt to write it.

And second... What is big on the anime scene? Do not tell me Hetalia, please; as entertaining as the idea of historical satire is, I do not like the art. At all. How are Highschool of the Dead, Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, and Shi Ki? (And Tono to Issho, for that looks like cracktastic fun.) Aaaand anything else which has been striking your fancy.

Any way I can hop back onto the Conan boat without having to watch over a hundred episodes?

Alright, off to start plotting... five main characters. And try not to cry.
Well, here we are again.

Once again, it is I, Ten, back to writing. My, has it already been two years since I wrote anything on this blasted journal? How time slithers and melts away.

So, to spare you all the boring details, I shall put bits and pieces in easily-labeled LJ-cuts... assuming, of course, I remember how to do that.

For 2008, there really is nothing to report. Work, such as it is, took all my energy; friends I had, but social life none; my first official NaNoWriMo failed utterly at perhaps 5000 words.

Lather, rinse, repeat for most of 2009: more work, more friends, more words for NaNoWriMo (30000 plus 5000 from roleplaying). However, that is when things decided to get interesting

Long story short, I got the Jack dancer.Collapse )

In other words, I shall be endeavoring to write daily, be it here or on my IJ, on the personal journaling application I have, or with fiction (both original- and fanfiction), so you will get tired of seeing my posts, truly.

So! Posting musings of the days, yes. Fanfiction? Sure. Original fiction, however.... maybe. If people are actually reading this and ask.

I shall leave you all with something I actually wrote a week or so ago. I know, fanfiction! Ha! Anyone remember that old game Final Fantasy XII? Yeah, I started playing that again...

title: Makes Perfect
fandom: Final Fantasy XII
word count: 677
written: 2 August 2010
notes: I do not advise wearing full armor and exerting oneself in the middle of the day. Basch is a silly, yet practical man; he must have them skirmish then cool down. Or something like that. No spoilers - hell, this could be anytime, anyplace excepting the end.

Makes PerfectCollapse )
Final Fantasy: iWin.
title: 1200 words about a Party in Ivalice
author: Ore-sama da ze!
written: early morning and late night 7 Aug 2008 for first 400, 8 Aug for next 300, lost a day and a half to LEVELING UP (and plotting, I guess, and yelling at Balthier). Finished 10 Aug 2008.
word count: 1200, duh
notes: I blame FFXII for being so much fun. And gorging myself, so to speak, on rather lovely FFXII fanfiction. And the first one hundred is totally Mr Eliot's fault.

Can be read out of order, but the flow I have presented is nice, so there.

1200 words about a Party in IvaliceCollapse )

Cross-posted as I am wont to do.
Final Fantasy: iWin.
Seen in various places on my IJ.

Pick a fandom of mine and I'll tell you my....

One True Pairing Ship:
Canon Ship:
"If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork" Ship:
"You are one sick bastard" Ship:
"I dabble a little" Ship:
"It's like a car crash" Ship:
"Tickles my fancy but not sold just yet" Ship:
"Makes no canon sense but why the Hell not" Ship:
"Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" Ship:
"When all is said and done" Ship:

Fandoms up for grabs: Fullmetal Alchemist, Witch Hunter Robin, Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts II, Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 1&2, Persona 3, Ouran High School Host Club, Juuousei, Final Fantasy VII-XII (minus the online game, that doesn't count), Meitantei Conan/Magic Kaito... uh, give me a note if you're reading and curious. (Holy shit, I think I'm going to post something from back when I knew YST as RW. I'd add that, but it's been YEARS.)

And, if it's only Bean spamming me over and over... ah well. These things amuse me while I whimper pathetically at scraps of Simulacrum.
Final Fantasy: iWin.
28th-Jul-2008 02:14 pm - Hiding from the bunnies.
Currently, I have two generations of storytellers talking at the same time, and one of them is a goddamned brat. Graziella, I swear, how you got such a well-behaved son is a MYSTERY to me.

That's only a part of my current problem. On top of which, I'm still stuck in the same place as I have been, worrying over history and how it has been kept. (Note to self: look up stuff in the OE primer.)

Furthermore, I've been sorting through my 'pleasure papers' - things creative as opposed to things of a Serious nature (old bills and what have you) - and, oh dear. Found my work-in-progress for a FFVII parody. Found all of my After Hours notes... good gods, I even found my high school-era obligatory 'end of the world' characters. More and more and more character sheets, for I'm fond of making those up when I'm bored.

Old, original- and fanfiction, ranging from 'die in a fire' to 'wow, I forgot how much I liked that' in quality and subject. Class-related fiction, as well (oh, man, I forgot about my silly self-insert I did for a Tolkien mid-term which got an A somehow).

So. Once I finish sorting (and alternately laughing and cringing), would anyone be willing to see these old things? (If I get any sort of response, I'll go ahead and write a small list of them once they're all sorted out.)

Note to self: SHIT, Self, write notes on the mirror. And go over what you have so far of Simulacrum. Honestly!
19th-Jul-2008 12:04 am - Doing my good deed.
Greetings from the (greatly unused) PC side of my laptop!

Someone on a friend's list of someone I stalk read on IJ talked about this nifty little program called Liquid Story Binder XE. Pretty swanky package, if not a little on the intense side. It's great for stories - I'm already impressed, and plotting how to use this for Simulacrum. And. It's FREE. No shitting.

So. You've got less than two hours as of now, so midnight on Mountain Time. Here is where you get it. If you're thinking about this, I suggest getting it while the getting's good.

So, now that I'm on my PC, I need to do some resetting... and game/Vocaloid uploading...
Final Fantasy: iWin.
15th-Jul-2008 08:21 pm - Simulacrum is UP.
Preface (which some may recall) plus the first two sections are up. You can find the beastie here.

Also will be cross-posted to my InsaneJournal more or less how I please, so it will probably have more content (however much I get written, whenever it's typed up, instead of waiting for whole sections).

All I can say this far is: IT STARTS. [collapses with relief]

Here's a tiny recap of things thus far:

total word count: 2287 (less due to titles)
story progress: baby, it's just starting!
uh, how about that outline?: ... outline? What is this 'outline' you speak of? (Okay, so I've got ideas for events in my head and I can more or less link them together.)
section currently working on: history, and how it impacts Reina's party.
what Brennan wishes for: well, he's been a bit vocal on that, hasn't he?
what Reina wishes for: what else would a princess want but the blaringly obvious?
what Drystan wishes for: the party to end, so he can get out of those clothes!
what I wish for: these prelim sections to get done! I want to share my other beloved characters!
Final Fantasy: iWin.
15th-Jul-2008 08:06 pm - Well, shit.
Don't you just hate when, after you get all the little pieces all together, you find parts of your story conflict?

Ahaha. 'orz

In other words, the first two-odd sections will be up... er, shortly. Ish. As soon as I juggle numbers.

edit: Actually, I'm going to keep it as-is and see if people are adverse to it.
Gyakuten Saiban 2: Mei tells you what's
Would you rather I post Simulacrum as I write up the segments, or would you rather I section/'chapter' it out beforehand?

And, as extra credit: Should I also post little side stories which don't impact the main storyline as such (they will be exploration of characters/events/places)?

Also, WHY is my head trying to offer FANFICTION FOR MY OWN STORY? 'orz
9th-Jul-2008 09:54 pm - FFXII natterings.
Yes, I have started up a new game. (Facts: everyone's roughly level 18, clan rank of Rear Guard, and just now heading to the Giza Plains - first rain - to see the Garif.)

Yes, I'm still leering at half the cast. Such a pity Basch cut his hair, really! And put on clothes. They should take Fran's advice and wear very little. Good gods, the blondes!

Er. Rather, the point of this post was the following:

Why does Vaan feel so incomplete?

He was our link into this story, first through Reks, but... Okay, where they are all walking out on him in Bujerba, where Balthier is giving him the 'What do you want, Vaan?' lecture? I was rather upset that he sat there and squirmed.


HOW did I miss that the first time around? Okay, I know how, and in three words: Fran Fran Fran. Followed by Balthier and Basch. Doesn't this kinda scream out 'hidden potential'?

I desperately want our sweet, awkward, earnest little boy to have some good stuff written for him. He needs good things, too: no big plot points, no family, no love interest, and he loses his best friend to a younger man.
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